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Physical Health

Listed below are the workshops that we currently offer.
Feel free to check back to see additional ones as we prepare them.

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Secrets to Great Health

What do you think of when you hear the word “health”? Nutrition? Eating well?

Eating the right types of food and prepared in a manner that preserves the nutrients, is important, but it is only a part of the full picture.

From our own personal experience, we have discovered that there are two often over looked, main health components that will assist you in having  your “Health in Balance”.  We will teach you about how critical these two components are, and how each letter of our acronym A.N.S.W.E.R.S. are the building blocks to achieve these two components.

We will share with you the many ways that Donna’s body for years was attempting to get her attention, until finally at the age of 48, she was diagnosed with cancer.

This workshop not only introduces all of our foundational health concepts that we learned on her journey, it is also our MOST REQUESTED workshop.


“How I stopped having Panic Attacks through lifestyle changes”

When I ended up in the hospital with what appeared to be a heart-attack, and then started to have 3 and 4 major panic attacks a day, it was definitely a “wake-up call” to my stressful, fast-paced lifestyle. I knew in my heart that panic attacks were not caused by a “lack of anti-depressants in my body.” Within one month, I was symptom free through the lifestyle changes that I share in this 3 hour workshop, which includes lots of opportunities for questions and answers.

Keep watching for additional upcoming workshops

(Ones about; “Is a Yeast overgrowth draining your energy?” “Stress Reduction 101”)

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