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Physical Health

What you need to know to survive cancer

“My people perish from lack of knowledge”

In this very honest and forthright workshop, I share with you what I personally learned on my own journey with cancer.

Is there a cure?   Is doing surgery, radiation and chemotherapy “your only hope to survive”?   What choices might lessen your chances of survival, and why?

I also share with you what foods and drinks feed cancer, as well as the two areas that are critical to getting well, and how to do them in detail.


Secrets to Great Health

What do you think of when you hear the word “health”? Nutrition? Eating well?

Eating the right types of food and prepared in a manner that preserves the nutrients, is important, but it is only a part of the full picture.

From our own personal experience, we have discovered that there are two often over looked, main health components that will assist you in having  your “Health in Balance”.  We will teach you about how critical these two components are, and how each letter of our acronym A.N.S.W.E.R.S. are the building blocks to achieve these two components.

We will share with you the many ways that Donna’s body for years was attempting to get her attention, until finally at the age of 48, she was diagnosed with cancer.

This workshop not only introduces all of our foundational health concepts that we learned on her journey, it is also our MOST REQUESTED workshop.


“Overcoming Panic Attacks”

When I ended up in the hospital with what appeared to be a heart-attack, and then started to have 3 and 4 major panic attacks a day, it was definitely a “wake-up call” to my stressful, fast-paced lifestyle. I knew in my heart that panic attacks were not caused by a “lack of anti-depressants in my body.” Within one month, I was symptom free through the lifestyle changes that I share in this 3 hour workshop, which includes lots of opportunities for questions and answers.

Keep watching for additional upcoming workshops

(Ones about; “Is a Yeast overgrowth draining your energy?”  “Stress Reduction 101”)


Healthy Relationships Series

Listed below are the workshops that we currently offer.
Feel free to check back to see additional ones as we prepare them.

We would be happy to discuss your needs for; community outreach programs, retreats, parenting groups, schools, teachers …..

Personal Responsibility

In my life, what am I responsible for? If I just try harder, will my spouse/ teenager change or act differently? This workshop will help you know what you are responsible for and what you are not.

Love and Respect

Learning how to meet the “heart” need of the one you love, will help to prevent an affair or divorce. Discover how to fall in love all over again, in a very deep and committed way.

The Five Love Languages

Do you KNOW intellectually that the people in your life love you, (i.e. your parents, siblings, spouse, kids) BUT…. it doesn’t FEEL like it to you? Or… do you profess your love to the people closest to you and they don’t seem to see it? The problem most likely is that you are speaking a different language… a different Love Language!  Most people find this workshop so beneficial to ALL relationships!

Communication Skills

What constitutes “Good Communication Skills”? Learn a couple of the best keys to ward off misunderstandings. Are your listening skills in top form? Fear not, you will come away with a vital tip to help you in the future. Learn how you can achieve a “win-win” situation in negotiations?


Do you say yes, when you really want to say no? Do you have the freedom to have your own thoughts and opinions…. even if they differ from others? Do you ever come away from being around some people and feel like you didn’t really have a choice with a decision that was made? If any of these “strike a familiar cord”, join us for this informative and incredibly interactive workshop in which you will come away being able to answer; “Where do you end and I begin?”


Come and learn about the healing benefits of forgiveness! We explore how forgiveness affects our current relationships. What forgiveness IS and what it is NOT!


Is lack of commitment interfering in your life? It was a pattern that plagued both Raven and myself. Come hear how we overcame it and what things are important to be committed to.

Sexual Abuse

What constitutes sexual abuse? What are 67 of the most often seen symptoms in a person who has been abused? Which population has the highest risk to sexually abuse a child? What can YOU do to protect the kids? How can you safeguard fellow leaders? With 1 out of every 3 girls and 1 out of every 4 boys sexually abused, this is a great workshop for anyone who works with kids.


Building Healthy Churches

What have you been called to do?

“I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.”
Jeremiah 29:11

Are you a “Mary or a Martha”? Which quadrant of the brain do you predominately use? What is your Personality Style? Which gifts has God given to you? Are you in-line with the plans that God has for your life? If your answer is “no” or “I do not know”, join us for this upcoming, fun, experiential workshop.
*This workshop with “The Five Love Languages” Workshop is an excellent combination.

Relationship Building

Join us for this fun and extremely interactive workshop. This workshop may be considered one of the key components for Friendship Evangelism. We will be exploring; how we can quickly build relationships by helping our guests to feel a warm welcome and looking forward to coming back. Also what might hinder this from happening.

The Five Love Languages of God and Others

How does God communicate His love to us? How do we praise God through our Love Language? How can we minister to our neighbors and friends through our Love Language?


Women’s Retreats

 More Precious Than Silver

We all have a calling on our lives.

God has individually crafted each one of us.  

♥ He knew that we would be either be a “Martha” or a “Mary”.  

 We each use one part of our brain more than the other three quadrants.  

 Our personality Style is something else that He had in mind when He formed us in our mothers womb.  

 He knew the life experiences that we would go through, and promised to use them for His glory…. if we allow Him to.  

 Finally, He has gifted us all with specific talents that come naturally that He intended for us to not hide under a bushel, but to use for the specific calling on our life, that only this unique combination can full-fill.

 Often we see a correlation, or a common thread between what we wanted to be as a child (before we were told that it was silly idea), and the calling on our life.

Each woman at the retreat will have an opportunity to discover the calling on their life, as we explore each of the areas above.

This powerful ladies weekend focus’s on three area’s that are “more precious than silver”;

1) Our Loving Father’s love

2) Who He created

3) The way that we can bless others with who He uniquely created each of us to be.

“I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.”

Jeremiah 29:11


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