Why Cancer May Return

The Cure is in the Cause

The truth is that if I did not change what caused the cancer in the first place, it would eventually show up again, usually with a vengance… especially if I had done chemotherapy.  I will expand on that later.

So HOW do I reverse the cancer?

If I was driving somewhere for the first time, and I kept track of the route I took to get there, then if I reversed my route going back, would I end up  where I started? Yes, I would.

Now here is the hardest part.  In my journey I needed to become aware of what I did to CAUSE the cancer. This gave me a huge clue on what I needed to do in order to reverse it.  I understood that this is often the hardest part of getting well from any disease.  I had to take a hard, honest look at where my lifestyle had been out of balance.  This was hard… as I really believed that I was living a healthy lifestyle.  For me the “biggest” factor was the stress that I had been under for years. 

Sometimes we may not have the knowledge to see what might be the culprit.  We may be doing something unknowingly that is taking us down the road to disease.  That is where a Natural Health Practitioner can be helpful. They can look at our lifestyle from a different perspective.  

The “good news” is knowing that when  the body is detoxified and balanced, it will heal itself. An example of this, is seen when we cut ourselves.  If we clean out any dirt, then keep the cut clean, will it close over and heal by itself?  Yes, our body was created with the mechanism to naturally heal itself as long as we do not hinder the healing process. Often though, unknowingly we hinder the process rather than creating an environment for the healing to take place.

We are told over and over again that “they” do not know what causes cancer, and they are still looking for the “cure”.  From my research, it appears that the cure for cancer has been known for a very long time!!!  

My heart is greatly pained from seeing friend after friend “pass away from lack of knowledge”.  (Hosea 4:6) This is the reason that we felt compelled to share the information that you will find on this website. Please continue to come back to see new pages that we have uploaded, as this website is FAR from finished 🙂

Can we help you?

Our goal is to share the knowledge that we have gained on our journey, and to encourage you to take charge of your own health.  We are honoured to be a part of  “your journey”!

If Raven or myself can help you through; health testing/consulting, praying for or with you, or just an encouraging word, please let us know. Our email address is; areyouinbalance@hotmail.com

We would like to help you learn how to assist your body to come back into balance using the principals that we teach in our “Secrets to Great Health” Workshop, as well as with natural high quality supplements.  We only recommend  ones that are from a whole food source so as to not put extra stress on your body.


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