Help!!! What do I do?

You may of just been told that you have cancer, and now it seems that you have been thrown into a whirlwind of appointments, with specialists propelling you through the “cancer system”, when all you want is to wake up from this awful nightmare! In fact, you are still in a daze from this news.

Or you may of just been told that they need to get you in for surgery, or start chemotherapy “right away”, when you would like to just put life on hold for abit so you can think.  Think and look into your options.

My goal for this page, is to encourage you to keep the knowledge in your forefront, that this is YOUR body, and ultimately, you need to do what you believe is the best option for you. The doctors are not in charge.  You have hired them. Would you hire a painter to paint your house, without 1st choosing what color you would like them to paint it?  This is a much more serious choice, that you need to decide on.  This is YOUR life at stake! If you have not already researched into your options and the ramifications as well as the benefits of each choice, I would like to encourage you to do this BEFORE you consent to any “treatments”… and yes I even cancelled appointments I had, after doing my research.

I often hear people say that they are told that either “they were lucky because it was found early, so not to put off starting “treatment””, or “they need to start “treatment” as quick as possible because the cancer is advanced and it is a very aggressive one”.  Let me share with you my thoughts on both of these scenerios.  If they found it early, you definately have time to research, pray and think.  The reason I say this is because, what if they had discovered the cancer a week later, or 2 weeks later… would it really of been much different?  I had noticed the swelling in my lymph node about a year before my chiropractor saw it.  I am not suggesting that you wait a year to figure out what you want to do.  But I am suggesting that you do have time to take a deep breath, think and consider your options.

With the 2nd situation of it being advanced, and aggressive, as harsh as this may sound, I question that if the momentum is moving at a fast clip like they say it is; will subjecting your body to all of the toxins of chemotherapy, (in it’s already weak state), truly save your life.  If it was me, I would immediately start nourishing my body with lots of freshly made carrot and spinach juice to improve my quality of life, and to give my body the best fighting chance. I would use the time to spend quality time with those that I love and cherish, rather than spending my precious time going for “treatments” in the hospital and hugging the tolite bowl…. all for what.  That’s just my thoughts on it.

I have helped a couple of people who were given 3 months to live when they were diagnoised.  By them deligently cutting out the foods that were weakening their immune system, not adding more toxins through surgery (the putting to sleep poisins), chemotherapy or radiation, and instead taking 3 different herbs/herbal combination that gently addressed the cancer by cleansing the blood, cleansing out the fungus,and cutting off the blood supply to the tumour, all while not adding more toxins to their body,(no nausea, weakness or hair falling out), not only was their quality of life wonderful, but they are alive and well, way past their expected prognosis. (one it has been over 7 years past the time they gave him, and the doctors cannot find any cancer in his testing anymore)

My other goal of this page is to share with you what God led me to do when I asked Him to teach me how to get well. Please understand that this is what I did.  You need to personally pray for guidance, do your own research, and read with discernment the vast amount of info that is out there, and then choose what you feel convicted is your best chance of survival.  I used three criteria’s; 1) Did this person have a personal experience with cancer and getting well? 2) Did this person have a hidden agenda? and 3) Was it man-made or God made?

Let me expand abit on these three çriteria’s.

1) Was the person sharing what they learned either on their own journey with cancer, or because they had someone they loved, who died from cancer?  Where was their heart?

2) Or were they writing because they wanted to discredit natural methods, usually because when I looked closely at some sites, they were funded by either the pharmacutical industry, or they were funded by the cancer industry.  Both of them having an invested intrest in “protecting” their financial future…. but not having any true interest in the well-being of the person looking for honest answers.

3) Was it man-made or God made. Our bodies recognize nutrients and herbs in their natural form. When you use herbs like Paw Paw, Pau D’Arco, Red Clover, Burdock, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm, Turkey Rhubarb etc, the DNA of the herbs are still intact and your body can recognize it rather than spending it’s energy rejecting it. Why do people get so sick when doing chemotherapy? It is because it is a poison. The doctors hope to give you the fine balance between killing the cancer cells and not killing the patient from this poison that they are administering into your bloodstream. For me, this did not make any sense to add an extra load of toxins onto my already weak immune system. I liken it to a person tripping and falling flat on their face, and then a garbage truck comes along and dumps it’s load on top of them. It would of been easier to stand back up again before the load of garbage was dumped onto them.

So now my story. (The very short version) I have survived cancer twice in my life. I am not talking about having cancer, going into remission and 1, 2, 5, or even 10 years later, and it returning. That is what happens more than people know when they have chosen to do Chemo, Radiation or Surgery. They haven’t addressed the root cause of why they developed cancer in the first place, so why would it not return…usually with a vengeance. No, I am talking about being diagnosed at age six (1963) with leukemia, given maximum three years to live, and then forty-two years later (2005) being diagnosed with Lymphoma. I am so grateful that both times, I was not given Chemotherapy, Radiation or Surgery. Each time, the main objective was to nourish my body, rebuild my immune system and remove the culprits that were taking me down the road to disease. I am currently working on a book called “What you NEED to know to survive cancer”. If you would like to know when the book is ready, you can go to our “contact us” just to the right to let me know, and I will be happy to put you on the list to be notified.

In the meantime, remember; it is YOUR BODY and you have the right to make your own choices of how you address this challenge. May God richly bless you and guide you on your journey.


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