My Cancer Journey

Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with cancer?

I hope by sharing my testimonial with  you, that you will not feel alone in the nightmare of being told; “You have cancer”. I understand the emotions of being told it, as well as Raven knows what it is like being confronted with the possibility of loosing his wife. I also am motivated to share my testimonial to help people see that you have other options other than the regular ones of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy available to you. 

Here is a small piece of my journey;

Observant Chiropractor

December 2005, was when my Chiropractor noticed that I had a swelling in one of my lymph nodes. I could tell by the seriousness in his voice when he told me to “go get a full blood work NOW”; that I needed to take him seriously. He later told me that he knew in his heart that it was Lymphoma and he was very concerned because he had friends who had died from this type of cancer. Ethically he was not allowed to tell me his suspicions until I received the diagnoses from my M.D.

Getting the blood work results

When I received a copy in the mail of my blood work, (yes, you do have the right to ask for a copy of your blood work to be sent to you), I started to search on the internet what “discrete protein band in gamma region. Serum immunofixation shows a G heavy chain and kappa light chain monoclonal band” meant. What a mouthful!

Is this serious?

My doctor’s office called me to come in for an appointment. I also wanted to see my doctor as I had a LOT of questions. He told me that he wasn’t sure if my Leukemia (I had Leukemia as a child) had come back, but something was going on in my blood. He  wanted to get me into see a Blood Specialist right away. Having a weird sense of humor, I asked him if he was telling me that I was going to have to teach my husband how to cook. He looked at me in puzzlement. I guessed that he didn’t get my joke, so I explained that if he was telling me that I was going to die, that since my husband does not know how to cook, I’d better start teaching him.

Searching for answers

While I waited to get in to see the blood specialist, I became obsessed with finding out all that I could about what this protein band and a G (gamma) heavy chain and a kappa light chain monoclonal band was. Even though some of my symptoms sounded like it could be Leukemia, the more I read about the monoclonal band and the protein band, it sounded more like Lymphoma or Multiple Myeloma. Neither of these sounded like something I would be thrilled about.

Getting the diagnosis

The blood specialist assured my husband and myself that it was not Luekemia and that it was more likely Low Grade  Lymphoma”. As I had not reached the stage of understanding the different types of Lymphoma at that point, I thought that she was trying to downplay the Lymphoma by saying that it was “Low Grade”. Later, I discovered from my reading that it was a diagnosis terminology.

What are my choices of treatment?

Both my husband and myself felt convicted that I didn’t have cancer in my Lymph nodes from too many Lymph nodes in my body, so surgery was not the answer. That I didn’t have cancer from a lack of radiation or chemotherapy, so subjecting my body to these toxins seemed counter-productive, much to the dismay of most of my family.

I don’t know about you, but when the word got out that I had cancer, everyone and “their dog”, had a cure for me. Such an overwhelming feeling! So what was I going to do?

Going to the “Great Physician”

Being a Christian, I knew that my Heavenly Father had designed my body, so He would know how to fix it. I prayed and asked God to show me what to do to reverse the cancer. He led me step by step to a greater understanding of what cancer was and what I needed to do to get well. For eighteen months, everything that I understood God was showing me to do at that point prevented the cancer from growing, much to my blood specialist’s surprise. It didn’t get better, but it didn’t get worse.

The Missing Piece

A friend of ours brought to my attention a piece of information that as a Natural Health Consultant I was aware of, but unfortunately at that time, I had not understood how important it was to the equation. When I searched into it, I knew in my heart that this was the missing piece of the puzzle of how to nudge my body to let go of the cancer cells.

Sure enough, when I added this part into what I was already doing; in six weeks not only did I loose 25  lbs of unwanted weight, but the incredible part was that the tumor marker in my blood work for the first time in almost two years….. DROPPED IN HALF!!!!!….  much to the surprise of my blood specialist. Since then, I have met another girl who was given eight months to live due to her cancer. She was doing exactly what I had done, and was doing GREAT at the eight month mark. She was seeing someone in California who had 100% success with teaching people how to reverse their cancer. She was his 78th person.

What are YOUR options?

Below I would like to outline some of the different options that are available for you.
**Remember: you do have a right to  choose!

1♦ Strictly doing only Chemotherapy, Radiation and/or Surgery

2♦ Combining Natural Health Modalities with Chemotherapy, Radiation and/or Surgery

3♦ Doing nothing different than you are currently doing
(Medically called the “watchful waiting” approach)

4♦ Using a Natural “Chemotherapy” type of herb, along with other health building herbs and modalities

5♦ Working with a Natural Health Practioner to address the route cause of why you developed cancer and then fully detoxifying,
working on bringing your body back into balance along with working on a Lifestyle regime that will support our  immune system in assisting you in remaining cancer free

From witnessing many people that I know who were diagnosed with cancer and seeing the options chosen, it would be unfair for
me to not share my findings.

It appears that the survial rate and quality of life of each person that I have known personally, grew greatly the
closer they came to options 4 and 5.

Can we help you?

If Raven or myself can help you either through education, health consulting, praying with you, an encouraging word, or how to
find natural products that have a tremendous reputation for potency and quality,  please Contact Us either by phone or  email

We specialize in options 4 and especially in 5

We’d be happy to work along side of you on your journey!



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