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“When you listen to your body when it whispers, you will never have to listen to it scream!”                                                                                                                   Dr. John Soliven-Llaguno

 Health Testing & Consultations that we offer;




What is your body trying to tell you?

Often our body has been giving us  indications that things are out of balance for some time before we receive a ‘diagnosis’ of some sort of disease.

When we test to see what is happening specifically in 67 areas of your body,  the program is looking to see what is out of balance.

With this important information, you now have the ability to take charge of your own health. This test will help eliminate the confusion on how to help your body.

You will know more accurately what foods/supplements that your body may need,  to bring you back into balance.   

Cost: $65 includes a 1/2 hour consultation. 

To see all 67 areas that Symptomatology test, click on the following link.  What Symptomatology Examines


pH Testing & Consultation

All diseases including cancer thrive in an acidic environment. Often our body has been attempting to get our attention well before any type of disease is diagnosable.

What are the symptoms that can alert you that you are becoming acidic?

This knowledge can give you the opportunity to do something immediately, to start turning your health around.

I will share with you what we did what I did when it was discovered that my body terrain was extremely acidic, which was the environment the cancer was thriving in. When I assisted my body to get pH balanced, in just six weeks my tumor marker dropped in half and my excess weight started to effortlessly fall off.

Cost: $40 with 1/2 hour consultation or $65 for one hour.



  Detoxification Consultation

How toxic are you? What are some of the telltale signs of toxicity? What can you do at home to help your body detoxify?

How about Candida? What are some of the indicators that Candida might be depleting your energy? What foods feed Candida?

What ways can you assist your body in having the yeast overgrowth come into balance?

What are some of the symptoms that might indicate that parasites have taken up residence in your intestines? What are some of the ways you may get contaminated with these little critters?

When is the very best time to do a parasite cleanse, so as to expel the maximum number of parasites?

Cost: $65 with a one hour consultation.


Heavy Metal Testing

Are heavy metals playing havoc with your health? Let’s test and find out!

Where do we get heavy metal toxicity from?

What can you do to assist your body in removing heavy metals?

Cost: $40 includes a twenty minute consultation or $65 with a fifty minute consultation


Body Systems Testing

  “Unless we work on the ‘root cause’, the disease will simply manifest in a new form.”              Steven H. Horne, AHG

What is your body trying to tell you?

 Which of the body systems are not functioning as well as they could be?

We will look at your;

♥ – Digestive System

♥ – Hepatic System

♥ – Intestinal System

♥ – Respiratory System

♥ – Urinary System

♥ – Circulatory System

♥ – Nervous System

♥ – Glandular System

♥ – Structural System

♥ – Immune System

♥ – Reproductive System

Once we know which system is in need of the most attention, we then will ‘dig deeper’ to assess what is happening with your Internal Environment; known as your ‘Biological Terrain’. This is a key component behind discovering what is needed to assist your body in coming back into balance….  because health flourishes in a Balanced Biological Terrain.

Cost: $40 includes a 1/2 hour consultation or $65 one hour.


 Secrets to Great Health

What do you think of when you hear the word “health”? Nutrition? Eating well?

Eating the right types of food and prepared  in a manner that preserves the nutrients, is important, but it is only a part of the full picture.

We have discovered that there are 12 health components that will assist you in having  your “Health in Balance”.

This consultation will consist of briefly examining the 12 health components and  then focusing in on the  areas that you would like to start working on.

Cost: $65 includes a one hour consultation.


Bio-Survey Testing


What are the cells of your body searching for?

Have you ever found it difficult to decide which nutritional supplements you should be taking or which would be best for your family?  Often we are just making our best guess based on how we are feeling or what we think we need. Wouldn’t it be nice if  you could just ask your body?

Now you can!  A brilliant medical scientist has created a machine that will communicate with your cells via using the galvanize skin response technology (what lie detectors use) to see what product(s) help to balance out your body, and then it prints out a report you can take home.  All herbs have a DNA, and what the program does is it sends the DNA signature of herbs, as well as therapeutic essential oils and blends of the oils, to your cells in order to see what brings your body back into balance.  I have been assisting my clients for over seven years with this particular test and by combining it with the Symptomatology Test,  it gives us such a complete picture of what is happening in the body.

A young client had come to see me for one of our testing modality’s called a Symptomatology. It had shown that his adrenal’s were needing some support. When we did the Bio-Survey on him as well, the top two products that came up as ones that would assist his body to become more balanced were targeting his kidneys. Given the fact that the kidneys are one of the ways that the body filters out toxins, when they are overworked, they would then tax  the adrenal system. Supporting his kidneys would then give his adrenal system a much needed rest. If we had only addressed his adrenal system, we would of missed the root cause.

For myself; after three solid days of having a migraine headache and feeling nauseated, I sat down and tested myself.  The recommended products were all for the digestive system. With one type of migraine, the blood needs to be drawn back to the digestive tract.  Within a couple of hours of using the recommended products, I was feeling so much better.

Cost: $40 includes a twenty minute consultation or $65 fifty minutes.


What are your Cancer options?

Do you want to increase your chances of coming through this journey feeling better than you have in years, and your hair intact?

 Learn the truth about “What you need to know to survive cancer”…from someone who did! 🙂

Cost: $65 includes a one hour consultation or $90 an hour and a half.


Sea-Onic Foot Bath Session

What will YOUR water look like?


Enjoy a painless and relaxing process of bathing your feet in a warm mineral rich basin of water for 30 minutes.

This ionic technique of cleansing through the feet provides a full body purge of all vital organs.

Ask to see our list of known benefits of the Sea-Onic Foot Bath. It is a great way to take care of yourself both emotionally, as well as physically!

Cost: $40 with the detox session taking 1/2 hour.


Additional information

If you find that you would like, or need more consultation time than what is included in the price, the cost is $30 for each additional 1/2 hour.

If you would like to just have an hour long health consultation or an emotional counselling session (without testing), my rate is $65 for the 1st hour.

The Bio Survey as well as the Ionic Foot Bath Session can only be done in person.

All of the other tests and consultations can be done in person or long distance.





Donna Marie and Raven Hockley of Health in Balance Educators offer the above testing and consultations strictly for educational purposes. We draw upon our education as well as personal experience. We do not profess to be a doctor, and will encourage you to seek one out when needed. We do believe that it is your body and that by educating yourself, you are then able to make wise choices for yourself.




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